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3 of the Most Popular Bases

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If there's one item of furniture that we get asked about all the time, it's table bases. Customers looking for table bases are never sure what type of table base they need or what size. With many different styles of table bases available, we can understand their dilemma.

While choosing a table base doesn't sound such a big deal, in reality, it's practically as important as choosing your table tops. Your choice will depend on many factors including the shape, size, and weight of your table top as well as the floor space available, whether you're looking for a permanent solution, and, of course, aesthetics.

Here we share 3 of the most popular bases.

Tolix table base

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Made from steel, the Tolix table base is almost as iconic as the chairs themselves and lends itself to an industrial theme. With their slender tapered legs and foot glides to prevent them from scratching your floor, Tolix table bases add character and charm to the simplest table top. Available in small or large sizes, they can accommodate a table top that is no more than 800mm x 800mm. They look great paired with any of our Isotop table tops although our favourite match is the black base with a Shesman timber top.

Bolt-in stainless steel table base

If your floor space is limited then you might want to consider using bolt in stainless steel bases. Not only do they look stylish and contemporary, but they allow more space for chairs to be pushed beneath the table top and enable people in wheel chairs or sat on mobility scooters to sit up closer to the table. Stainless steel bases look great with practically any patterned or plain table top although our particular favourite look is the black Alcantara marble top which ultra-chic and stylish. On the downside, bolt in bases are less versatile than other bases because they provide a permanent solution as the bases bolt into the ground. The maximum table top size this base can hold is again 800mm.

Paris table base

If you've already got Parisian style rattan chairs in your venue then what better table base to bring the look together than our Paris table base. Manufactured from cast iron, it's a heavy base that can be used indoors and outside. If you like to switch your sweating arrangements around on a regular basis, however, this may not be the best choice of base for you. We think it looks great with a marble top but you could also go for timber.

Don't forget, the best friend of table base is its table top. As know, the industrial style is more and more popular all over the world, the fashion trend is always with it. Here we have a new and sell well table top to you as well:)

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