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5 Indoor Plants for your Cafe

There’s no better way to welcome the warmth and freshness of Spring to your cafe or restaurant than incorporating indoor plants into your dining environment. But choosing indoor plants for your venue may present as a challenging task. Of course, they look gorgeous in photos, but how will I care for them? Will they survive the conditions of a fast-paced business? Is there a certain sort of plant that I should be looking for? All valid questions for you’re average green-thumbed restauranteur.CDG furniture is a cafe furniture manufacturers. So we’ve done a little research for you and put together a quick guide to indoor plants for the home or the cafe.
The truth is, the perfect ‘indoor plant’ simply doesn’t exist. What you should be looking for are plants that are able to withstand certain indoor-typical environments and conditions, making for a more healthy and nature-filled atmosphere. There is a common myth conception that ‘indoor plants’ are essentially low-maintenance and require minimal attention. Put simply, this is wrong. The plants that we’ve listed below are able to withstand varying temperatures, that is, they are able to abaft easily to changes in the weather, seasons, and the changes involved in transitioning from day to night. They do however require regular attention and treatment, involving water and fertiliser, as well as consideration in where they are placed and what other plants they are placed next to.
Another common myth conception involves light and the ability of indoor plants to adjust to different lighting, natural or otherwise. For environments where light is essentially scarce or artificial, opt for shade-tolerant plants: those with darker leaves. The presence of cytoplasm in the plant cells (that gives it its green colour!) enables the process of photosynthesis to happen more easily, thus allowing the plant to receive the energy it needs to thrive. Alternatively, for light-filled environments, opt for plants with lighter-green or patterned leaves or tropical plants that have a certain tolerance for sunlight.CDG furniture is a cafe furniture manufacturers.
Just because the plant is ‘indoor’ and thriving doesn’t means that it is immediately immune to nasty pests and insects. Be sure to regularly check the plants for any nasties and use organic treatments, like PestOil, to solve the problem. Finally, if the plants is one that requires potting, remember that plants love moving house! Regular re-pot the plant to make for a more fresh and healthy plant-life.
1. Aloe Vera
图 1.jpg
2. Snake Plant
图 2.jpg
3. String of Pearls
图 3.jpg
4. Spider Plant
图 4.jpg
5. Philodendron
图 5.jpg
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