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Modern kitchen bar stools, commercial bar stool , cafe furniture

Product description:

  • Model Number : 619-H75-ST
  • Material : Steel
  • Stackable : Yes
  • Size : W44*D44*H76cm
  • Style : Industrial
  • Color : Green, white, black, red, blue, orange, brown, yellow etc.
  • Finish : Powder coating, vintage, antique, galvanized, rose copper
  • OEM : Yes
  • Lead Time : 35 days
  • Function : Kitchen, bar, garden, hotel, yard etc.
  • 2013_07_11_1078.jpg619-H65-ST black 1.jpg2013_07_11_1076.jpg2013_07_11_1084.jpg2013_07_11_1073.jpg619-H65-ST 1.jpg0-619-H65-ST-yellow.jpg0-619-H65-ST-blue.jpg0-619-H65-ST-black.jpg0-619-H65-ST-apple green.jpg0-619-H65-ST-apple green_10-619-H65-ST-apple green2013_07_02_0853.jpgcolors (6).jpg

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