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CDG furniture Main Market

When the economy is coming down in some field ,Our CDG furniture selling amount is going up faster and faster ... We should always stand by the good quality products so we can survive .
We are lucky that we are not  in the cheap market .We always focus on the contract market which is middle to high . 
There is no cheapest price in market ,only cheaper and cheaper cause ,lead to more and more cheap quality company close ... 
We always only offer the good and top quality products and keep very low margin .We believe ,only when our customers have much more margin than us ,there is long term . When customers didn't have headache for the product's quality ,there is security . When there is on time delivery ,there is trustful .
All of our material is new raw material ,not the recyle one ;
All of our chairs is hand made finish and also base on many times and process powder coating and painting for base colors ;
All the powder coating we use is only the outdoor standard ;
All the painting we use is only the car painting standard ;
All the products a packing in saft protection ;
All the deisgn ,material ,finishing in the whole production line we are using and doing is in the contact market standard one.
We promise ,we should help customer to build up the market and help them get a large margin and a large volume selling ~




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