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Coarse ore industry wind, of primitive simplicity fashion personality

Industry over the years only in red, red all the way from home to Europe to the United States, then fall along the way in Asia, Taiwan is no exception, of course, now in almost every major cities in the world, to be able to see the industrial style decoration on the theme of high quality restaurants and cafes. Industrial style decorate is popular all over the world, all the way from the beginning to now have become synonymous with fashion personality, deducing the free and easy with unruly emotional appeal of modern life.
The ceiling using the bare the original characteristics of the raw material, the sitting room create a ruggedly individual character, open recreational space into a household carefree, to make the industry have contracted bright type into the bedroom.
When industrial wind meets the compound, it is met a bosom friend, two layers of space using the expanded more functional space, and give double space aesthetic feeling of interest.
Wrought iron furniture manufacturer gives simple and agile life function space, color texture primitive simplicity xian carpet paving out a considerable ethical amorous feelings of small family sitting room space.
This is a duplex design case in Philadelphia, a lot of wood material used and avant-garde modern element to join, let household environment full of rough wind industry. In the sitting room, the wood floor of light color and light grey sofa collocation gives the modern fashion style, brought enough daylighting French window for the space, into the ingenious ornament for the space of green plants pure and fresh and natural breath.
The open pattern let a space more open. Open mode kitchen and dining-room, make household environment more warm, family atmosphere more strong. Study turned into the pattern of family library, coarse woodiness material spread out geometric pattern in metope, the modelling of innovative desk is available to a few people at the same time, on the wall is put all kinds of books on the bookshelf.
As if the forest cabin bedroom, painted blue metope and rough log setting wall of the head of a bed, is deep and there is a kind of fairy tale mystique.




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