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How to clean outdoor furniture (Part 2)

Last time we learned how to clean Metal Furniture for Outdoor, this time we will learned how to protect the cushion for Outdoor. 
Outdoor cushions, slings, seat covers and umbrella covers could be cotton canvas or other thick, natural material but are more likely a synthetic such as acrylic, vinyl or polyester. If the manufacturer’s care tag is still attached, follow the instructions. If you don’t know what kind of materials you’re dealing with, a basic cleaning with soapy, lukewarm water is always safe. If fabric is removable, you can use a washing machine set to a gentle cycle, but never use a dryer. Reinstall slings and covers while the fabric is damp so it stretches to fit.
If mildew stains remain, check the care label to see whether you can use chlorine bleach, or test in an inconspicuous place whether 1 tablespoon of bleach mixed into 1 cup of water removes the stain without wrecking the color or texture of the fabric. If all’s well, make a bigger batch with 1 cup bleach per 1 gallon water.
Outdoor cushions should have filling that resists mildew, but it’s still a good idea to get them dry as quickly as possible. If the covers have zippers, opening the zipper and then placing the cushion zipper side down, to allow the water to drain easily. If there is no zipper, just place the cushion with one end down. 


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