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How to purchaise iron furniture

Iron furniture has been favored by some consumers, but from the formation of a consumer boom is also a far cry from the reason is that people know little about wrought iron, Of consumer behavior. CDG furniture is an iron furniture manufacturer.Here are a few simple authentication techniques:
1.With a hard object in the furniture is not striking the corner of the percussion, such as striking exposed coins and the same color rather than rust, it is a special treatment of genuine, you can use 5 to 20 years without rust, to maintain the original color. The general products generally do not have this layer of special treatment, the general use to 3 years to lose the original color, become rusty.
2.High-grade iron furniture, welding point is not exposed.
3.Attention to detail, such as petals, leaves, branches delicate process, no broken marks. In addition, the iron furniture as a result of hand-made, is a heart to create a work, so they tend to have the personality of the manufacturer's mood, if you have a certain artistic appreciation of vision, will be able to feel their spirituality.