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La Pasteria is a leading Italian cuisine restaurant

spread of the activation keys. Today to introduce the authentic Italian elegance La Pasteria restaurant design.CDG furniture is a Restaurant Furniture factory.
La Pasteria is a leading Italian cuisine restaurant with 15 venues across Greece. The company decided to move its flagship store, operating in Kolonaki to one of the busiest but, at the same time, relaxed and hospitable pedestrian streets in the heart of Athens.The new architectural concept is a mix of classic Italian trattoria and contemporary urban restaurant-bar.
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The entire space is characterized by minimal lines and chromatic harmony that balances between earthy tones and the contrast of black and white. A metal divider with an integrated map of Italy displaying each product’s place of origin clearly states the affinity of the kitchen to the authentic Italian recipes offered.The bar area, with dark colors and black and white checkered tiles, is perceived as a distinct room nested inside the restaurant space.




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