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Market info and feedback of Spoga Fair and Shanghai Int’l Furniture EXPO

The CDG furniture alternating employees under six months of careful preparation, because the product style is very correspond to market Denabds, combined with the launch of the new Retro Finish, the two shows drew a satisfactory full stop, also pick up a record of CDG history. We have been getting 106 containers, so recent production reached the saturated state.
From 10:30 to 17:30 to 17:30, and even to six, CDG booth people coming and going, a constant stream, a busy scene. New customers and senior guests from different countries, talk about the market in our booth, choose products, color, full of confidence, left with satisfaction and expectations, a busy four days exhibition, encouraging and exciting.
The most popular finishes are Vintage fnish and Retro Finish. For the product structure, the stackable items are welcomed, and this is our design concept, to meet the the demands of saving freight and easy to keep.
Although we do professional contract market, seasonal is not obvious compare to ourdoor furniture, but the market is clearly the most active period recently, whether it is Australia, Europe or the Americas is the peak season now, also hope that the customers are planning to speed up the order plan , to meet the next year's sales demands.
In terms of market activity, in addition to the big countries like Australia, the United States, Germany, France, etc., some small countries are much more actively than in previous years, including Israel, Uruguay, Lithuania, Lebanon, Algeria etc.
Israel, a country that has not yet a large population in Guangzhou, we deal with 4 Israel customers at fair, breaking the low market situation in recent years, and the Israeli market has become active.
Lebanon: We can not imagine a country that is politically and socially less stable, this time giving us four containers at the show, and for the first time, it shows that the Lebanese market is also active, and we celebrate such exciting breakthroughs .
Next to share the situation in the United Kingdom, because the impact of the British traditional culture is relatively deep, the nation is more conservative, and the British market situation, so the UK market is a more difficult to get in, but this time we got 4000pcs chairs order from one UK customer. And we signed an agreement with the customer, that for some items we only sell them in UK market. So the British market has fully opened.
In addition to share the Australian market, Australia is our main market, the market for us is a more mature market, but this time we also have a very big breakthrough in a major Australian guests, this time to China, did not go other boothes, observed in our booth for three days, to see our booth crowded guests, recognized our products, at last decided to open one more website, only sell our products, which is more Expanding our market in Australia, and the influence of our CDG products in Australia.
In short the whole market has a great improvement and breakthrough than in previous years, the expansion of our products in Australia market, European market fully open, and to the success of the American market in, believe that the CDG products will usher in a brighter future.


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