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The advantages of CDG furniture

It is because the unique advantages of the CDG furniture product was so popular in the market, the company is so amazing speed of development, now our advantages are summarized as follows:
1.metal furniture: metal furniture is the core of CDG furniture. At first the CDG furniture as a agence service customers. From the beginning of 2013 we have own design team and factory, began to the creation of its own brand. And have a very clear goal and market positioning. Specializing in the production of coffee shops, restaurants and other commercial use of high-grade metal furniture.
2.Quality control: as the Agence experience and strong professional QC, QA team, CDG in quality control have very professional technology and strict standards, it lead us to the stage of rapid development in a short span of three years
3.Production management efficiency: CDG furniture from 2013 only 30 workers began to now every month 30 to 40 high containers production capacity. Because of CDG down to accumulate experience, innovation, reform and a system of management methods.
4.The price competition, the greatest degree of increase production efficiency, good cost control, the greatest degree of reduction in the marginal cost, from the source supplier of cheap and fine, to material the highest utilization rate control, arranged reasonable inventory etc., our products have very strong competition in the same quality standard.
5.Hand made finish: This is the biggest feature of CDG furniture products. Ordinary powder, although the production efficiency is high, but can’t meet the personalized, characteristics of the market demands, in such a concept, we CDG furniture founded the a series of Hand Made Finish, such as imitate wood, antique series, vintage finish, and the new weathering finish, making CDG products are sold.


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