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As furniture people, everyone can clearly feel the furniture and household industry in China in recent years, the martyr and cold cruel market industry trend that many practitioners blindly, confusion, negative emotions. As if overnight "cash cow" is no longer as easy to blossom, for an instant as if "the world is full of complaints and abuse. 
Furniture and home the big change of the industry, in the majority of people is a latent disadvantage of emerging industries, actually otherwise. On the contrary, it proves that Chinese furniture and household industry from adolescence to maturity. Maybe some people still remember many years ago, people like young people crazy, high hard and earn a good income, but it is foolish. At present, although the market environment is bad, people aren't so easy to earn money, but is now a mature period. As adults, we all understand a truth: "consists of continuous setbacks, wait, thinking and experience of". So as a furniture and household industry, you should cherish the present, because the present can give you a limitless possibilities.   
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In an age of furniture and household industry infighting, good weapon is not only a good product, more in need of a good model. CDG company is committed to the innovative furniture style restoring ancient ways, the following two classic furniture to introduce our company.
1. ToliX Metal chairs (any place, have a bar ToliX) Classic French Tolix metal chair, a tasty with attitude chair, founded in 1934 by Xavier Pauchard design, in fact, it is early for outdoor furniture design, after being spoiled by fashion designers all over the world, it is smooth from outdoor extension to the household, commercial, display, and other purposes. But this chair is a career-best are well in all kinds of space, outdoor material will match the American village, smooth outline model is very suitable for northern Europe contracted, languid is lazy temperament is typical French style restoring ancient ways, clear conscience fashion one hundred take the chair.
2. Cross Back Chair (European and American style restaurant chair)
1) Steel chairs, more durable than wooden and plastic ones.
2)Antique look and industrial style,   can be used indoor and outdoor:Restaurant, Dining Room, Living Room, Patio, etc., 
also some commercial use like Hotel, Club, Bar, etc.. 
3) Variety of colors/finishes for different decorative style, can be customized. 




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