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Wire Chair

From rattan chair design inspiration, with the pursuit of beauty and the arts extension, Italy Harry Bertoia achieved spallation of Wicker Chair to Wire Chair. With the soft of rattan furniture and steel robust, wire chair gloriously completed the mission of benefitting all the people of the world.
Wire chair with smooth lines, simple and elegant colors, exquisite sophisticated technology, all of which show the meaning and temperament! Such furniture ever to create a peaceful, non-binding nature and harmonious atmosphere!
Especially with the upgrade to improve people's living standards and taste, low-carbon, environmentally friendly, practical, simple structure, modern, stylish, durable wire chair, has also been increasingly welcomed by the market. From cafes, restaurants, hotel, the upscale clubs, high-end office buildings, but also for the family, villas, as the pursuit of comfortable and stylish choice for modern life.
CDG furniture as one with 10 years of industry experience, and professional metal furniture manufacturer, product line certainly will not lack in wire chair range.
In coming September, SPOGA+GAFA Cologne, and The 22nd China In’l Furniture Export.let us wait and see the charm of wire chair...


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