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A set of nest coffee table with removable tray


This is a set of small nest coffee sets made of 3 different sizes by coffee table manufacturers. It is made of aluminum  and can be used outdoors without any weather restrictions. The structure of the coffee table is like a solid geometric image. Simple lines, beautiful colors, easy to match metal or wooden furniture. It has a metal tray as a table top, tray is removable. 3 tables are of small, large and medium size, when the space is large, it can be arranged into a row; when the space is small, it can be stacked. The 3 tables can be put into different spaces at random, with different colors, matching vases, fruit plates, candy discs, each with its own characteristics.




The set is very economical when it is packed. The nest coffee table set occupy only one Pcs table of packaging space, which is very suitable for online store sales and exclusive stores.  




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