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American Bar Chair

Nordic retro bar table, American country style. Living room, bar, dessert shop, restaurant, coffee shop, tea shop and other nostalgic scenes. Texture and quality are better. Turning, polishing,and countless hands do the work. CDG furniture is a bar chair manufacturers.This is not a production line of handicrafts, and if you are a favorite of industrial retro products, I believe that you can identify with this unique charm.
1.table selection pine, after decades of wind and rain, timber, a panoramic view of natural nutrients. Wood is dense, solid and durable. It can be applied both indoors and outdoors.
2.taking into account the practica and beauty, iron be created by skilled craftsmen hand ,securely, do not shake. As furniture bone, it is complementary to heavy solid wood, carrying the weight and quality of solid wood and home life.
3.hand welding delicate, solid, welding delicate, not perfunctory! Full solder joint, firm and reliable! Painted evenly, fine, adequate material.
4.high temperature baking paint rust prevention, high-end quality, coarse materials, super high endurance, can withstand the weight of 200kg, simple installation, back removable, not available, can be put away




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