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Antique Wind And Fashion

Why looks simple, dilapidated and even some slums of industrial wind, but it can lead the fashion, from home, furniture and even clothing, are affected by this trend and fashion. A hundred years ago the industrial revolution to create the industrial plant, in today has become an industrial site, but it is this filled with the atmosphere of the times, combined with a nostalgic wave of industrial style decoration into a fashion trend. CDG furniture is an antique furniture factory.
Desingers using a variety of complex materials, Expose the cement and water pipes, to retain the cool full of industrial elements and raw materials symbols, and then with a little pop style crystal chandeliers, sometimes rock, sometimes art. The use of cement and water pipes in the rough style of decoration, ingenuity to choose the grey so that the entire space are integrated.CDG furniture is an antique furniture manufacturers.
If the design good enough, the industrial style of "avant-garde" and "primitive" attraction is undeniable, from the old elements of the old to now lead the fashion trend, this is the best! Industrial wind is characterized by personal Creative, life of ingenuity, plain texture, the fun of life. Natural and modern atmosphere of the collision is not simple and unique temperament of the industrial furnithing, leather sofa,wood roof, natural and modern atmosphere of the collision, resulting in a distinctive strong visual effects. Not just the walls, even the floor are used in a rough style, so that the whole room full of tough.




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