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Fancy sofas and coffee tables

Jean-Marie Massaud recently designed the Mondrian sofa and coffee table for the luxury brand Poliform in Italy.
The sofa is modular, providing high-end comfort cushions, the base seems to float on the ground, no matter what kind of posture, sitting feeling is very comfortable. This sofa has a very contemporary look, simplicity and fashion.
This sofa also brings a tea table, the coffee table like sofa, they are fully customizable, suitable for any space.
The various components of the sofa allow you to choose cushions of different sizes, handrails and backs, even shelves, and a very comfortable backrest.
Like sofas, the overall shape of the coffee table looks light, stylish, elegant lines, complex materials and rich, beautiful surface treatments.
They offer two sizes of desktop options, including rough or smooth marble, to suit different options.


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