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Selection Of Table And Chair For Milk Tea Shop

With the continuous pursuit of fashion trends, a variety of fashion shops emerge as the times require. In order to milk tea shop, convenient and fast drinks, instant food, won many young people's favor. Because of its simple and flexible operation, the advantages of low investment has become a hot project venture investors, tea shop can attract people in good taste, the decoration is a key, then the tea shop decoration how more attractive?
First, the choice of tea shop furniture
Tea stores decorated their stores and kitchen facilities, etc., should show the characteristics of modernization. Tea stores decoration should adopt simple style, bright color, give customers a feeling of ease and pleasure; shop furniture can choose the northern wind furniture, such as a sense of the times; in modern sense.
Second, milk tea shop decoration, pay attention to tonal collocation
The hall of the tea shop is mainly white, with red, blue, green and yellow decorations. Besides clean and tidy, it gives people a very nice feeling, and it is also very attractive! Romantic, quiet environment, so that it is very suitable for romantic couples here to drink delicious milk tea Oh!
Tea shop counter decoration, posters and pictures, beverage list design, so that the counter has a dazzling and colorful feeling. White, orange decoration collocation, give a person a very clean, warm feeling.
Deep orange and light green to match the store, the wall green, giving a sense of vitality. The tables and chairs are made of pure wood, giving the impression of returning to the feeling of a small rural village. Such a clean and natural environment appears in the big city. Is it like the girl next door?
Light green walls, a variety of meaningful decorative paintings, coupled with a simple and beautiful chandelier, so that people can here a quiet point on a cup of favorite drinks, enjoy the unique city quiet.
Third, milk tea shop decoration style
1, modern fashion style, is now young people and lovers favorite style, so a tea shop decoration design must consider their own shop consumer groups; then according to the consumer groups to choose the location of the shop.
2, elegant, simple style decoration, suitable for friends in leisure time, exchange, talk about the choice, in the process of decoration is the pursuit of practical, convenient and concise principle. So a tea shop decoration is the pursuit of a noble and elegant style similar to the cafe decoration design, not only beautiful atmosphere and not lack of a pursuit of modern social fashion; modern young couple is a good place for leisure and fashion to success.
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