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Five ways to decorate a garden chair

When planning a wedding, note that in every detail. When you think of food, DJ, wine - who has time to consider chair decoration? That's why it's one of the most overlooked parts of the wedding. But the way you dress up your seat can make your big day more unique. CDG furniture is a garden chair manufacturers.There are 5 ways to decorate and even make your simple wedding chair an exclusive memory for you and your guests.
1. Chair ribbons and so on
The chair streamer is the best way to incorporate your wedding colors into minimal detail. There are plenty of different bow and brooches made of different shapes, so you can make your chair more subtle and elegant.
2. Burlap fabric and roses
For couples who want a more retro and earthy feel, burlap is an excellent choice for satin or even transparent yarn. Pairing with a blush rosette, these chairs will definitely add a certain "wow" scream to a country-style wedding.
3. Left, Left (or Right!)
When thinking aisle decorations, do not consider the relationship between the chair. Because they are so graceful that you can pull them to the side, all the guests are more willing to look to the bride to pull the most important part of the wedding party - and (we all know it is true)!
If you do not want to decorate every chair, just think about the back row - it is equally effective.
4. Put the back of the same as the bow hidden!
What's more elegant than a perfect tie bow? When added to a garden chair, the overall appearance of the wedding seat changes. You can leave it bland, or add a shiny brooch, the appearance of the wedding to another level. All depends on you! 
5. Flowers and transparent yarn
This is our favorite! Adding different textures and fabrics can really change the way your seat looks. Flowers and transparent yarn into the wedding space into a whimsical environment - the perfect place to get married.


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