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Industrial style, combined with some kind of nostalgia, is red from the origin of Europe to all parts of the world. With this style as the main bar, more and more in China. Under the atmosphere of uninhibited personality, sensory stimulation, relaxation and relaxation, people can not help but relax their exhausted nerves and release their desire for imprisonment.

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The industrial style originated in the industrial era, because in the bottom of the social workers poor, only living in the abandoned factories, with their hands to see the wind and all the furniture industry of metal and wood made of all kinds of old. The bright yellow copper iron, the gray black wood, the cold cement and so on, all these can be regarded as the element symbol of the industrial wind furniture.


For now, combined with the trend of nostalgia, industrial style decoration has become the fashion trend. From the birthplace of Europe to Europe and America, almost all the major cities in the world can see the theme of industrial style decoration. The design of the bar is no exception.


The industrial style bar decoration is mainly emanated by metallic texture. The mysterious Gothic dome, the decadent and screaming of the steam age touched people instantly. Under the atmosphere of uninhibited personality, sensory stimulation, beautiful and unique artistic conception, comfortable and intense relaxation, people can not help but relax their tired nerves and release their desire for imprisonment.


As far as CDG furniture is concerned, this kind of nostalgic industrial style is particularly admired. Some people think that this kind of foreign style seems somewhat incompatible in China, but people who know how to appreciate it do not have much to do with it. Like the radish leaves, in China, with industrial wind texture of the bar, will support the consumer groups.


At home, most of the consumers in the bar are the white-collar class, and their work pressure is very large, and the proper decompression is needed in the life. So the bar needs to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for customers, and at the same time, it also reflects its own style and culture to customers, so that customers' thoughts can be separated from their restless work and life temporarily. In this case, the unruly personality of the industrial style bar can stimulate the sense of the people and let people relax. Besides, the style of the bar can also satisfy some people's pursuit of foreign fashionable petty bourgeois mentality, and it can also satisfy their curiosity about factory workshop.




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