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Bar Furniture Choosing

Creating and finding the perfect bar stool for your venue is a big task. There are many aspects to take into account when finding your perfect stool. At BSeated we think we have mastered the art of finding that perfect bar stool. 
Below are Hints and Tips for you to find the bar stool that will stand the test of time.CDG furniture is a bar furniture suppliers.
Choosing Bar Stool Height 
Bar stools vary in height and therefore it is important to understand what size suits your space. Importantly, stool heights are measured from the floor to the seat and not the backrest.
There are three bar stool size categories: residential kitchen counter bar stool height, commercial bar stool height, and low stools.
Residential Kitchen Counter Bar Stool Height
Most kitchen bench tops are 95 cm high. We recommend the seat height of your bar stool or counter stool be 65 cm high. You will have the perfect amount of space to comfortably cross your legs under the kitchen bench.
Commercial Bar Stool Height
The bar height in your cafe, restaurant, pub, hotel, or other commercial venues will commonly be 105 cm. We recommend the seat height of your bar stool be 75 cm. Low stools are also recommended to be 45 cm.CDG furniture is a bar stool manufacturers.
Rule of Thumb for Bar Stool Heights
The rule of thumb to always have the perfect bar stool height is to give 30 cm between the top of the bar stool seat height and the bottom of your bench.  For example, if the top of your table is 105cm, using the rule of thumb your seat height will be 75 cm. This rule can also be applied to shorter bar tables to accommodate height.
Bentwood bar stools are a timeless classic that is very popular in many establishments as they are instantly recognizable and iconic. With the use of beautiful timber stains you can choose a walnut, white wash or coloured pantone colour for a bit of fun on a classic design. Examples of classic barstools are our Bst-18 Bar Stool and the Beville Bar Stool which doesn’t have a back but features that classic bentwood design. BSeated projects that have used the bentwood bar stools include Collins Square, Sarita’s at the Rocksia and Gregory Hills Hotel. 




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