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Bar style restaurant

This type of bar has a dual identity.When Lunch and dinner, its role is the western restaurant, to operate the formal western style oriented. In order to cater to the local tastes, some of Southeast Asian or Chinese style will be added into dishes. Of course, it do not forget their bar role, timely promotion of drinks. Because the guests unknowingly, may be more wine consumption than meals, always increased unexpected income, this form is called "take meal with drink.". After the meal, the bar start to sell drinks mainly, generally in the form of a light bar. CDG furniture is a bar style restaurant furniture factory.In addition to providing drinks, also provide some complicated snacks for guests to drink more wine.
The Bistrot is located in the Bali Island. It is a bar style restaurant created by interior designer Zohra Boukhari and husband Blaise Samoy. In a restaurant, there is a strong wind on loft industrial , reminiscent of, even seemed to return to an era of the past; and the spacious,high and broad structure,with bare brick walls of metal furniture and the attic, brings rough impression, but also make people feel casual and comfortable, and this is precisely the charm of Bistrot.




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