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Firstly ,I would like to say, the market is very open with the development of Internet all over the world,as well as the cost for all the products ,then you always could find out the cheaper and cheaper price from Internet. Anyway , we would like to remind that : you pay for what you get is always the truth .Same to me ,I also would like to pay less for a better quality products such as windsor chair wholesale, but I don't think that is happening . Then :


Some people choose to pay the most money to buy a top quality ;

Some people choose to pay the more money to buy a better quality ;

Some people choose to pay the some little money to buy a cheap quality products .

Second , Let me tell you where is our cost for your reference which may help you when comparing us with the others ,we produce this chair for more almost 7 years ,you know Janpan market is very strict on the quality ,and only We CDG sell this chair to Japan market for more than 6 years in China here ,because our quality could match their requirement :

1.The finishing : CDG cafe chair is in Galvanized and then hand brushing for the whole chair to make it look high class ,and then do the outdoor standard transparent powder coating while the other factory :


Just do the silver color indoor standard powder coating in stead of Galavanized .

1.1Galvanized is very expensive and just little people could do this finish in China now because of the environmental protection problem .If you get the quote from the North of China ,that is not the real Galvanized since there is no Galvanized in the North of China 

1.2The labour cost of the brushing is expensive too ,there is no labour cost for the solid silver color which is just made by the Automatic line ;

1.3 This chair is special since the chair legs are made by steel planet not the tube ,so when do powder coating for this chair ,it should be do the electrophoresis finish firstly to make the powder coating strong ,if just do the powder coating without electrophoresis ,the painting will be come peel off after 2 months .And there is no electrophoresis in the north of China .So when you get quoting from the North of China ,pls attention it .

2. The material :
As one of cafe furniture manufacturers we are made from the new steel material while the other facotry use the recyle one

The thickness for our chairs are 1.2mm after finish while the other factory only 0.8mm

The material of the seat we use is 3cm thickness Solid ash wood while the other factory use the 2.0 or 1.8 thinner hard wood or plywood

The material of the chair feet cap we use is nylon while the other factory use the recyle plastic and easy damage

3. The packing :
The price we quote for you is base in packing way 2pcs/ctn ,while the other people may quote price in stacking packing without carton box which will easy damage chairs
The material for the carton box we use is in 7 levels ,while the other people just use the 5 levels which is much more poor .

4. Pls note ,since we pack your chair in 2pcs/ctn which is much more safe and cbm is bigger .Then shipping cost is also big percentage in the amount .

As businessman ,I would like to share the above with you to get more clear about the products  ,however ,we have something always insit that is offer best service and quality for customer to avoid headead about it .

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