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CDG Bar Stools New Arrival

Who doesn’t love bar stools? I know I do – in fact it’s my preferred choice of seat whenever I visit a bar or cafe. Bar chair supplier creates the bar stools which they have lots of benefits such as taking up less space than chairs and being available in a variety of heights, making them one of the most versatile items of furniture that you’ll find. Not to mention the fact that bar stools encourage interaction both with the barista and other customers. That said we’ve put together a short list of our favourite bar stools which we hope you’ll love as much as we do.
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Detroit adjustable bar stool
With its compact style and its solid construction of metal and wood, this great little stool is a real winner. Taking its inspiration from the original Turner stool, we love its vintage appeal and the fact that it looks almost as if its been constructed from oddments found at your local scrap yard. Factor in the adjustable seat which lowers or raises with a simple twist, and you’ve got a stool that literally fits everyone.
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Hairpin stool
We had to include this stool simply because of its hair pin legs, which we just adore. Hair pin legs were first introduced to furniture some 70 years ago by a young American designer named Henry P. Glass who was commissioned to create a collection of outdoor furniture together with established American industrial designer, Russell Wright. The result was a stunning new line of tables and chairs with the hair pin leg design adding a unique quirkiness. Strangely, the hair pin leg design was never patented and as a result was used by many other designers. this stool is perfect for adding a splash of colour to a neutral palette.
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At CDG Furniturewe, we have an mix of stools in a variety of heights, materials, and colours, so you’re sure to find one for your bar restaurant, coffee shop.


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