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Check Out CDG's Current Design Trends for Your Restaurant & Bar

If you're designing your restaurant & bar from scratch, the best thing to do is to take measurements of the entire space. You can draft the layout on paper or take advantage of design software to come up with a virtual blueprint. Having the blueprint is going to help you choose fixtures, equipment, stools, and seating that will fit inside your space.


Keep in mind that the space should remain functional. Your staff should be able to move freely around any tables or booths. The area behind your restaurant & bar should have enough space for liquor displays, speed rails, and bottle coolers. You should also allow enough room for the maximum number of bartenders on your busiest shifts.


When it comes to choosing your decor, make sure it supports your brand and concept. Artwork, lighting fixtures, and furniture can all be used to create an experience for your guests.


CDG Furniture is a 12-year history manufactory, which focuses on outdoor & indoor Metal Furniture for restaurant, cafe, bar, club, event, etc., check out our current Design Trends by, promising they'll be a long-lasting investment in your restaurant & bar, can bring your business dining space much unusual and fashion.






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