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Choose the best table for you restaurant

The table is just a table, is not it? It is a dining tool for your restaurant guests to provide a stable and comfortable environment, as long as it performs the basic functions everything is all right, right? Well, not exactly.CDG furniture is a dining table manufacturers.
Determining what table you are using may be one of the most important decisions you make when preparing and designing your restaurant. Although there is usually no other effect during the meal, it quietly serves as the center stage for the entire dining experience. Choosing the right table should be carefully evaluated at the forefront of design and functionality.
To ensure that the dining table selection process goes smoothly, here are some common overlooked details to consider before you finalize your table purchase.CDG furniture is a dining table factory.
1.Dining table style and customer expectations do not match
You make sure that the food on your menu meets the customer's expectations from the inside, so your dining table should meet the same expectations. The restaurant is designed to make your dining room almost immediately with your competitors distance. For example, you will not place splints and plastic edge tables in your beautiful dining room, and you will never use a marble dining table like a fast food restaurant. Like the rest of the decor, the dining table also needs to meet the customer's expectations.
2.Table warranty and life expectancy
A table may look beautiful at first glance, but does it match the type of restaurant you have? Refer to and compare the manufacturer's warranty. Like us, some of the warranty period is 3 years outdoors, while other manufacturers may not provide a warranty at all. Along with the warranty, consider your future remodeling plan, as it can help you decide which table is right for you.
3.Use and quality of the product
Choosing the suppliers you find online can be a costly mistake because they offer low prices. Dining table style grid is the core of the restaurant, so they will choose quality guaranteed products. If it is assembled by the guests themselves, need to know the structure of the table and precautions and warranty procedures. CDG furniture will help you understand every detail of the table selection process to ensure that you can meet the needs of your valued customer service.
To create a unique restaurant dining experience, when you purchase the dining table should take into account these details, can help you avoid common mistakes, this is an important step in your purchase.




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