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Classical Design Thonet Chair

Solna 14 chair is French designer mike. Sauna (Michael Thonet, 1796-1871) in 1859, is a very elegant craft characteristic, but can be one of the classic furniture of mass production industrialization way, by stood to his own company (Gebruder Thonet) production from 1859, is still widely used
Solna chair designer called mike. Solna, Germany and Austria, was a carpenter do cabinet . His father is a famous leather craftsmen, Franz called Buddha. Sauna (Franz Anton Thonet of Boppard), his childhood with his father do leather apprentice, has his own practice do cabinet in 1819. Married a year later, lady called ana. "he (Anna Grahs), they have five boys.CDG furniture is a commercial furniture Manufacturers.
In 1830, solna began testing pressure bending wood, wood, with animal glue and fixed shape, the use of this method in the furniture. He multilayer bending wood composite, reoccupy adhesive is fixed, the success in 1836 created the first curved wooden chair, called "wave, chair" (German called "Bopparder Schichtholzstuhl", is equivalent to in English "Boppard layerwood chair"), in order to able to mass production in the future the curved wooden chair, he tried to buy the glue factory chase mill "m" company (the Michelsmuhle), to promote their own bent wood technology must be patent, 1837, stood to try to patent in Germany, Britain, France, Russia, but didn't succeed. Stood back to focus on improving their chairs, with hot steam to bend wood, material selections were a little bit thin, light, solid wood chair, he made a lighter, more elegant, beautiful solna to chair. Master the new technology, he continues to design, make the important
Solna chair structure characteristic: bend natural, smooth lines, keep the integrity of the wood texture, the furniture of glued laminated bending process, can be in larger surface bending forming, according to the needs of human characteristics and use of a flood, torsional, no crack, deformation, etc. Tell from the design, sleek lines bent wood furniture is unmatched by other furniture. From the material application, in addition to the surface layer is made of high quality veneer, lining material not only requires low, and can be short to long, wide, make full use of the material, is real wood, greatly reduced because bending shape and waste generation.
Our CDG furniture also has a series of metal similar solna chair, can be piled up, suitable for commercial venues.




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