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Coffee shop design tips

Obviously, the function of the shop door is to induce people's sight and interest, and stimulate the sense of participation that wants to go in and see. How to enter, where to go in, you need the right import, so that customers at a glance. In the design of a coffee shop, the design of the customer's entrance and exit is an important part.
The shop will be placed in the middle of the shop, or left or right, and according to the specific traffic conditions: general large coffee shop can be placed in the central, small cafes located in the central part of the import is inappropriate, because the shop is small, directly affect the liquidity of the actual use of the area and customer store. The entrance and exit of the small cafe should be on the left or right, which is more reasonable.CDG furniture is a coffee shop furniture manufacturers.
From a business point of view, the door should be open, so the design should take into account not to allow customers to be claustrophobic, dark and other undesirable psychology, thus refusing to outside the door. Therefore, bright and smooth, with the door echo effect is the best design.
Shop door design should also consider: whether the road surface in front of the front, whether there are blocks and affect the shop facade image of objects or buildings, lighting conditions, noise effects and sunlight exposure, orientation, etc..


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