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Common Types of Wood Found in Estate Furniture

Almost any type of wood can be used to build furniture.  Each type of wood has its own colour and grain characteristics and can be stained or painted to suit the piece.
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HARDWOODS – come from slow-growing deciduous trees that produce a dense wood.  These are usually more expensive than softwoods.
Ash – natural colour is a light brown.  Ash has a straight grain and can be easily bent into curved pieces.
Oak – either red oak or white oak – has a distinct grain pattern.  Oak darkens with age and is extremely durable.
Teak – has a natural oil which makes it weather-resistant.  Used for both interior and exterior furniture.
Walnut – chocolate brown with fairly straight grain.  Susceptible to damage by direct sunlight
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SOFWOODS come from fast-growing coniferous trees.  Softwoods are usually lighter in colour than hardwoods and are easily scratched and damaged.
Pine – lightweight and inexpensive.  Can be either stained or painted.
Guangzhou CDG furniture specialize in commercial furniture for 10 years, wooden furniture is one of important part of CDG,such as Ash Wood, Walnut, Pine and Oak.




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