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Creative Rings Metal Furniture

When childhood, the teacher taught us trees a year to a long circle - the common sense of the ring. Now we use a lot of wooden furniture, can’t see the traces of the ring, but replaced by a of paint and lacquer. Today, CDG furniture bring you metal furniture - the beauty of the ring.
Designer sharon sides engraved tree ring pattern with method of acid etching. she combined tree texture and metal furniture  form a ring metal furniture, look at the delicate texture, really want to go up touch some. 
These are 2 typical representative works of ring metal furniture ,the left side of the designer named for its hops, the first look looks like a flower, followed by the stool of the wood is relatively shallow, like a divergent Hops in general. The right of this designer named lean stool, translated as a strong life, to see that thick texture, is not a prime tree? 
Designers spent some thought in the process of design this set of ring metal furniture. The stool texture density is different, traces of these are not the same, Just looked as in a lumber factory.
This group of rings metal furniture shows the history of nature and beauty.




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