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Custom furniture in recent years popular with consumers, custom furniture and whole house custom enterprise development direction, can be said to be the household can customize wave has swept the whole furniture industry, the wardrobe industry is no exception, custom wardrobe not only can with decorate a style to bring out the best in each other, and meet the personalized needs of consumers, so favored by many consumers.CDG furniture is a custom made furniture manufacturers.
The benefits of custom furniture
Quality assurance, style diversity, efficiency, speed up, adjust measures to local conditions, good and inexpensive. Now we don't when choosing furniture is easy to see the appearance and quality, style is also very important. The characteristic of custom furniture is to create different styles of furniture to change our lives. A contemporary and contracted style make our favorite style, but a kind of contemporary and contracted style is not a single style, contemporary and contracted can also have a lot of, these are the characteristics of custom furniture, is not restricted by a kind of style.
Custom furniture future growth space is huge
What is time, simply means in historical development in a certain situation and divided on the basis of a certain period. Many industry insiders say, relies on the efficient use of household space, can fully reflect consumers personalized consumer demand and characteristics of contemporary feeling, custom furniture in recent years in the field of furniture consumption has become a new fast growth, also hold up the furniture customization era. Compared with tepid household market, custom furniture in the furniture industry gain of segmentation temper industry growth. Represented by Sophia's main custom furniture enterprises operating income to achieve 30% growth in recent years, the furniture industry is significantly higher than the overall growth rate. There are forecasts, custom furniture will keep more than 18% growth each year in the future, to the size of the market in 2020 will reach 2020 yuan, a huge future growth space.




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