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Different Ways to Live Large in a Small Space

With house prices on the rise, it has been increasingly difficult to achieve the Australian dream of the big home with large spacious living areas. CDG furniture is an iron furniture manufacturer.This doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice your quality of living, you just have to be smart with your furniture and household to maximise the space that you do have!
Here are some great ways to save on space and increase the living area of your house or apartment.
Kitchen Area
The most common complaint is that either the kitchen takes too much space, or there isn't enough space in the kitchen! This is no surprise as there are pots and pans, and plates and glasses that need storing. Not to mention the forks and knives, bowls, teapots and more! And we haven't even started on your pantry yet!
Mirrors all over your kitchen
Ok, so this first tip doesn't actually create anymore space for you, but if it looks like you got more space, you are definitely going to feel better right? By placing mirrored panels on cupboard doors, you are creating the illusion of a deeper and bigger kitchen. And boy does it look pretty too!
Magnetic Racks
Ikea has cleverly made these magnetic spice tins that are so versatile that you can store just about anything in them. These not only save space in your pantry, they make your spices more accessible and easier to use, which means you will use them more in your everday cooking! Have small metal tins or other items you want on the wall as well? Small magnetic buttons can be bought and with some double tape, you've created a mount for your small kitchen accessories.
Foldout Kitchen Bench
For those living in small studios or smaller one  bedroom houses or units, this is a worthy consideration. A foldout top to cover your kitchen bench to give it a second purpose. Use the new benchtop for a table top, or seating or additional space for your furniture.
The next area to save space is in your own bathroom. After a long day at work, you want to be able to retreat to your bathroom and wash the day away and you cannot do so in a cluttered bathroom.
Custom Shelving for your Bathroom
Having custom shelving means that you can utilise all the small spaces in your bathroom that would otherwise go unused. The bathroom above shows a small recess between the toilet and their sink. WIth a few cheap pieces of timber, it has transformed into neat storage options that also give the bathroom some colour and warmth.
Wall Mounted Toilet
This is more for those planning a complete renovation of their bathroom. But this narrow example above has saved a lot of space by having the toilet wall mounted and the water connected straight from the pipes. This is perfect for smaller apartments or the narrow terrace houses that are becoming increasingly popular recently
Trapdoor Bathtub
This is a personal favourite of mine as it adds another dimension to an otherwise cosy (read, SMALL!) bathroom. Lets face it, in this day and age, a lot of us don't have time to spoil ourselves with a hot bath. However with a tub right under your feet, you can soak your troubles away when you find an hour or two to yourself!
I'll finish off by sharing one of my ideal house arrangements, the loft. It utilises your upward space and its got the great high ceilings for the industrial feel. Whatever you do to your home, have fun with it! If it makes you smile, then don't think twice about it!




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