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Dining Room Furniture Ideas

Dining Room Furniture Ideas
Whether you’re looking for round or oblong, rectangular or square, you’ll find a table that suits your style. Some suggestions:
1. Round tables are best for smaller gatherings (and are ideal for family-style meals).
2. Round tables allow for less leeway when it comes to expanding your group (it’s tough to squeeze in extra guests).
3. Tables with leaves shrink and grow to suit smaller and larger groups.
4. When choosing your table size, don’t forget to account for holiday entertaining. You don’t want to pack your guests in, but it’s reasonable to assume people will sit a bit closer than normal. We call it a “holiday factor:” a tight 2-inch gap between each chair.
Striking that balance between comfort and modish is easier than you think:
1. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. Try different chairs in the same color, the same chair in different colors, or the same materials with different patterns. Combine vintage and modern for diversity, or choose a variety of textures (woven, slipcovered, upholstered).
2. Chair heights are evocative. Higher backed armchairs project visual dominance; lower backed, armless chairs blend with your table.
3. Benches are ideal for more casual dining rooms. Mix with chairs or buy one for each side.
4. Chair cushions can add many things, from comfort to a pop of color. Bonus: Though they read mostly casual, you can remove them for formal affairs.
With these tips in hand we hope you’re inspired to create the dining room of your dreams. Because fantastic meals deserve a backdrop to match.
What are your favorite dining room ideas? Share them with us at any time.




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