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    Our factory based in Guangzhou. With 10,000 square meters workshops and 80 skillful workers crafting our furniture dining set manufacturers items day and night.

  • Metal Table with Vintage Finish

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    Parasols: Do not use the umbrella or windy when you're close together, so that when the wind blew the umbrella, damaged furniture and hurt people, waving the umbrella, press the direction of the shake, do not reverse shaking.

  • Metal Dining Table with prowder Coating

    Metal Dining Table with prowder CoatingMore >

    Tempered glass: Do not use sharp objects or impact against the glass edges to avoid breaking; Do not wipe the glass surface with corrosive liquid, so as not to destroy the surface gloss; Do not wipe the glass with a rough surface of the material to avoid scratches.

  • Standard Metal top metal leg dining tables

    Standard Metal top metal leg dining tablesMore >

    Just an occasional scrub with warm soapy water, do not use pH detergent in the cleaning, to avoid damage to the surface paint and rust.




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