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Europe Classical Style Furniture

European classical furniture, the craftsmen in the 17th century to the 19th century made specifically for the royal family, noble furniture by hand.The style of the furniture after hundreds of years of change, there has been no change it the characteristics of the work, keep improving.Full decoration is the biggest characteristic of European classical style furniture.CDG furniture is a commercial furniture Manufacturers.Mention European classical furniture, always reminiscent of the deep cultural inside information, a few hundred years down the transmission of culture, in the furniture of the perfect embodiment.European classical furniture mainly includes Italian style furniture, French style furniture, German, Spanish style furniture.
European classical furniture is mainly divided into the baroque and rococo furniture ", late again more concise "new classic furniture".
The Baroque Style
Features: with curved surface, twists and turns, such as flow, interspersed with flexible exaggeration stressed to create special artistic effect, to render the mysterious religious atmosphere and the beauty of floating illusion.
The Rococo Style
The rococo style with its uneven light delicate curve is famous.Adornment modelling using the curve of the shells, segmentation, buckling and bending shape composition of trival, decorative capabilities, accepteth colorful and varied, and the utilization of the volume grass grain in China, has a light, flowing, extend outward adornment effect.CDG furniture is a metal furniture manufacturers.The rococo furniture color is relatively soft, cream-colored, white soft decorative pattern design is the main color.
Italian furniture is occupying the important status in the history of world furniture, the design capacity is famous worldwide.Britain's Buckingham Palace, the White House can see the figure of Italian furniture, the royal style can be seen;In the international market, the Italian furniture is modern and luxurious pronoun.
French style, refers to the French national building and furniture style.Mainly includes the baroque style (style of Louis xiv) French rococo style (style of Louis xv) neoclassical style (Louis xvi style) style of caesarism, etc., is the top of the European furniture and architectural culture.




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