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In recent years, dining set manufacturers believe that  metal furniture has become an indispensable factor in the planning and design of facilities.

New trends have begun to appear in metal - metal furniture, which is regarded as pragmatist. The reasons include durability and cleanness. Although wooden furniture will always be a popular choice, this is the five reason to consider the metal furniture for your whole set of furniture and the maintenance and construction of the environment.


1. believe it or not, the style is different! Metal furniture manufacturers strive to create furniture that combines form and function. Natural color, metal furniture has become something that is not distinguishable from the aesthetics of wood furniture.


2. cleanness and pest management. There is scientific evidence to show that the metal furniture wood furniture can better prevent bugs, but metal furniture is indeed more likely to cleaning and pest control chemicals more tolerance than wood, because of its less in surface absorption. Metal furniture has crooked, folded and plate areas, and still provides pests, such as bedbug, a place to hide. But proper inspection and maintenance of metal furniture can be a useful part of pest management plan.

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3. it has spirit and style! Although most metal furniture is designed to imitate or mixed with wooden furniture, metal can also be a great spiritual color design for teams or schools. Standard color selection or customized paint can be easily achieved in metal furniture because the metal does not change the texture of the wood. The color metal surface is consistent with any color matching scheme that is easy to standardize.


4. very high durability. Metal furniture is a horse in the public furniture market. Being commercial chairs wholesale, metal furniture can tolerate extreme use, making it suitable for any group living environment - especially for dormitories and temporary housing applications. The metal bed and double bed are durable and clean. The metal shell includes the bed memory, the bed frame and the drawer cabinet. The metal surface is well sealed, with appropriate nursing bed and can withstand metal watchcase puncture. More importantly, if it is damaged, do it yourself repair and can show his integrity in a short period of time.


5. it's good. Although high quality metal furniture may have higher sticker prices than wood equivalents, you can expect metal furniture to last for 10-15 years or longer. Many metal furnishings have a guarantee of ten years or more. Metal furniture may require a larger initial investment, but the replacement cycle is less.


CDG furniture produced metal furniture is more and more used in restaurants, cafes, hotels and other public occasions, creating a highly durable and comfortable living space for catering and leisure environment.




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