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Furniture trend Going On At Vintage Industrial

We’ve had a lot of change over the last year. After a shift in management, Sim (co-owner with me) took over running the company. She’s been battling an illness for years now and it’s slowed her down a lot. But, she took the reins last year and our company is turning a corner now. You probably don’t know Sim like I do. She runs things on an intuitive level, maybe it’s a female thing, you know, women’s intuition. CDG furniture is a vintage industrial furniture manufacturers.
But it runs strong with her. That’s how she guided my designs into what they are today. She just knows stuff automatically. She meets somebody and knows them instantly. It’s not the thing most people do where they judge someone with first impressions. No, she knows some of their past, their emotional state, and sometimes what is to come for them. 
I never believed in that sort of thing before, but after witnessing it 100s of times and calculating the impossible odds, I now know intuition is something that runs strong in her. Over the years I’ve started listening to mine, and here we are with that. Seven years into this business and it’s still here, setting the bar for the vintage industrial esthetic.




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