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How can the decoration of a small restaurant be simple and good? To achieve this goal by means of CDG furniture that genmed.

1, the light of the lining

Light makes objects become objects and is associated with space and form. In the decoration design of Zhengzhou Hotel, "light" is not only the needs of the lighting function, but also dominate the object "shape", "color" and "material" of the most active factors, light intensity, color temperature, size, shape and composition of light halo light illumination, shadow to the dining room to the atmosphere great influence. CDG furniture is a restaurant furniture suppliers.

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2, light and color

Effect of light on the space and shape: they can not only limited space, but also the activities of the arrangement of the atmosphere, the aesthetic effect of the internal environment and the internal environment of the utility function plays an important role in this, and several factors in the "light" is often the first restrictive conditions. CDG furniture is a restaurant furniture manufacturers.

Light is "sentient", which comes from the resonance of the heart of the people. The acquisition of environmental atmosphere needs to be designed with the aid of light environment. Sometimes use light as a Zhengzhou hotel decoration design "lighting cut" and "light color quality" the integration of various construction methods based on light shades, and emphasizes the combination of cutting and composition.

3. The charm of color

In order to create indoor space atmosphere, the location of color plays an important role in the hotel environment. In fact, color has a strong influence on space users' views on the environment. Color brings productivity and psychological satisfaction to the hotel users. Color is the psychological impact of people's impression or association.

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The basic problem of color design in the dining room is color matching, which is the key to the interior color effect, and the isolated color is not beautiful or beautiful. In this sense, any color, there is no distinction or distinction, not only the right color, and no color is not available. The relationship between the color effect of different colors depending on the same color in different background conditions, the color effect can be totally different, this is the unique color sensitivity and dependence, so how to deal with the relationship between color coordination, has become the key problem of color matching.




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