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How To Attract Cafe Customer And Choosing Your Cafe Chair?

If you own and run a café, you will undoubtedly have encountered a million different types of customers from many walks of life, cultures, countries and professions. So how do you go about targeting the right customers and making sure that they come back time and time again to ensure your coffee shop is a thriving hub? This blog aims to uncover our four top types of customer as well as giving some hints and tips on how you could go about making sure they become regulars…from your menu and service to your café furniture and décor. 
I spent a lot of time in my local café on maternity leave. It was the perfect venue to escape to, be it with friends, or on my own. Sometimes, all you need is to venture out to your much-loved café or coffee shop to treat yourself to your favourite coffee, meet with friends for a catch-up or take the kids for a slice of cake. For me, it was a safe retreat where I knew I would get great service and I could escape the same four walls of home. Kids also love a ‘special treat’ and this is one which won’t break the bank. So, if your regulars fit into this category, make sure you’re catering for them.....Make sure you include comfortable café furniture for parents and kids to relax on – think about sofas, tub chairs and low coffee tables, especially for those parents who are still feeding their babies milk. And, of course the extremely important high chair! You may be stretched for space, but many high chairs are stackable for storage purposes and there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to feed a weening baby in a highchair as it’s inevitably a very messy business! A high chair makes for a much more relaxed visit for both parent and baby/toddler.
It’s also a good idea to feature a play corner or at the very least some activities for kids to do. You could include books, colouring paper and pens. Or, if you’re blessed with more extensive space, you could include a reading corner with toys and a comfy place to relax. Take a look at one of our previous blogs which discussed this concept in depth. A new mum or a Dad entertaining their kids for the day is a captive audience and so it’s important to make them feel extremely welcome. Help where you can and offer a friendly pair of ears, as that’s sometimes all your customers are looking for. It’s also worth thinking about offering child-friendly favourites and portion sizes to match. Even offer to heat bottles or pre-prepared food – These types of gesture are priceless!
Choosing cafe chair for your new venue or even upgrading your furniture should be an exciting time but due to the wide choice of cafe furniture available it can quickly turn into a daunting prospect. Not only have you got to get your furniture sorted in time and on budget for your opening day, but it also needs to convey to your potential customers, the look and feel you’re trying to achieve. Take a deep breath and relax. At Cafe Solutions we’ve got a wide range of cafe furniture and can provide the pieces you like in bulk at an extremely affordable price. 
Choosing a theme is important when you’re setting up your cafe. All your furniture choices need to work together to create the look and feel that you want to portray. For instance, an industrial style should feature simple pared back designs involving wood, metal, and concrete. A natural, earthy look could make use of metal chairs with wooden seat , ash timber frames, and chocolate, caramel, or coffee cushions. A vintage theme might include distressed chair and table styles, colours such as olive green and brown, and maybe a statement wall papered with retro wallpaper. Lastly, a minimalist style could use light ash furniture or white and you could choose an accent colour such as lime green or red to bring vibrancy into your design. Good luck with your new venture and don’t forget we stock a wide range of cafe furniture onlin before you buy!
Cafe furniture
Most people have a set route to work and so they will pass what could be several cafes/coffee shops on their journey. It’s likely they will have tried all of them and so how do you stand out from the noise? This group of customers is all about the product, the service and the décor. They are likely to be searching for their perfect cup of coffee and a little quiet and solace before their hectic day at the office begins.
So, learn how they like their coffee – everyone loves feeling a bit special and so if you actually get to know your regulars and how they take their drinks, you’re already ahead. Over time you’ll get to know these customers and this side of customer service is vital. Also, the speed of service – If they’re on their way to work and want a takeaway or to sit in and enjoy some time before they head into the office, they will want to be served quickly and efficiently.
If they’re sitting in, they will want to make the most of this time – it may be the only bit of peace and quiet they get for the next 8 hours and so again, make sure your café furniture is comfortable, inviting and suitable.
Here at CDG cafe furniture manufacturers, we love helping you create that picture in your head! Whether it’s revamping your lounge, living or outdoor space, it’s all so much fun for us! We are all about making your home somewhere you never want to leave. Whether it be experimenting with colours or finding those feature pieces that complete your dream look, we love helping you create your perfect space.
Mix and match our versatile pieces to suit any environment. Like our crew in Fortitude Valley did in this space, just add some of our beautiful homewares to create the perfect finishing touch at home. By using different tones & textures you can create a look that is individual to you.Find our more by visiting CDG cafe table factory.






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