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How to choose a successful supplier

It is a world filled with cheap goods, so it is a question on how to choose successful suppliers like hospitality furniture suppliers, and especially hard to make decision from the suppliers on Alibaba. Today I am writing to share with you how to choose good suppliers.



Firstly, Choosing a professional factory, instead of to choose a cheapest one, such will not bring problem on quality. The cheap ones can save cost at first, but will lost more when customers complain on quality, will lost future customers and market.


Secondly, to choose a factory strong on the items you are looking for. This means experienced, enough choice for items, skilled workers and steady quality. We CDG is a metal furniture specialist, which strong on hand made finishes, we have ranges of hand made finishes include: Vintage finish, Antique finish, French finish, Retro finish, each finish include 5 to 8 colour, give customers different choice for different demands.



Thirdly: choose a factory that?have?successful?business. means The factory are a good choice. Here share you some photos of our fairs, our booth are crowed with customers all the day. see photos.


You may think our price is high, yes we CDG is not a factory develop on low prices, for the successful ones always are genuine, innovative and high quality, to match high end market, we CDG is always making all efforts on this and to be the best, hope we can be together right now and in future!




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