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How to Choose Suitable Restaurant Furniture

Suitable table and chair in a restaurant could add value to the overall eating experience.Before you go for purchasing table and chair, check out our guide to successful table and chair buying.


1.Comfortable & durable. Normal restaurant acreage is limited, but need to contain many persons. Each day these are many person will seat on the same chair. These two reasons request the chairs have to

2.Save space & easy to move

Stack-able aluminum chairs are good choose for restaurant. Due to stack-able chairs always smaller, same acreage can have more seat.

All the chairs can stack together, can be easy to clear floor.

Although it can be modern chairs with a contemporary table, and vice versa , try to find pieces that share a common design element.


If the table has taper legs, look for a chair with the same line in the leg or back;

If table with round line, look for a chair with round backrest and seat.

If the table is round, consider chairs with a round seat;

If the table is square, consider chairs with a square seat.


Suitable color for table: White, black or Grey.

If table in one of these three colors, can be match most of the the colors for chairs:White table can match colorful chairs: blue, yellow, red and green.Grey or Black table can match colorful chairs as well.



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