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How to choose the dining table set

Q: how to determine the correct size of the table and the chair?
Answer: choose the furniture used in the restaurant, not only to pay attention to materials and manufacturing methods, size is also the focus. In the purchase can note the following points: the furniture store or furniture city to buy a chair, be sure to take off their shoes to try to sit, see feet can not touch the floor. Not touch is highly defective (bar chairs except). imported chairs attention, chair height if more than 45 cm, may be too high for women.
3.choose the chair deep into larger, can make the tall people sitting comfort.
4.such as sets of desks and chairs do not buy, pay attention to the height of the chair and the table surface of the table. Generally 27 cm to 30 cm is the appropriate size.
Q: round and square table, which is better?
Answer: according to the size and shape of the room, choose the right table.
If it is adult sitting dining chair, in general, the chair is about the size of 60 cm wide, 50 cm deep. The net distance between the walls and the chair should be at least 60 cm, or by people, can only walk sideways.
Round table is more appropriate to talk, when the number of people should also be flexible.
Narrow or need to rely on the wall side of the room, then select the rectangular table is more appropriate. Or choose one side of the wall side of the oval table is better, suitable for two people in the world, or a person with a child to eat.
Often have guests come to the family, choose the desktop can be large folding table better.
Q: do you have any dining room chairs that are not in use?
Answer: more space for the arm. When the dining room furniture to choose an armchair, to confirm that handrails will not touch the desktop, if you hit the desktop, then, when not used, can not be pushed to the table, it will be more space.
But the armchair in the use of the arm can be placed on the top, it will feel more comfortable, if the space is larger, it is a good choice.
Comfortable furniture size
Table height: 75 cm as the benchmark, up and down no more than 5 cm
Desktop: at least 60 cm dining space
Tea table: at least 50 cm high


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