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How to choose the material of western table and chair

1.the choice of desktop materials
Western-style food tables and chairs desktop divided into fire board, melamine board, wood desktop, toughened glass board and marble board etc..
Fire board material in the Western-style food store in higher have been applied widely.
Melamine plate, surface quality is low, easy to fade, fracture and corrosion. However, due to its low cost of materials, but also easy to manufacture, low end products manufacturers often choose to use melamine board to make raw materials, and even more, to the use of melamine plate fire board. Need to be carefully identified at the time of purchase.
The wooden tabletop gradually rises, this kind of tabletop easy to clean, the natural grain is beautiful, its color selectivity is big, the surface wear-resisting property and so on the high characteristic is favored by the upscale dining room.
Marble desktop in civilian furniture has been widely used, but different from the western restaurant, the western restaurant in the desktop on its wear resistance, oil pollution performance requirements more stringent. Recommend the use of quartz stone, or acrylic stone.
2.the choice of the structure of the western table and chair
The structure of the western table and chair can be roughly divided into two types: the connected structure and the split structure.CDG furniture is a table and chair factory.
Conjoined structure is easy to place, but not easy to move, comfort is not reached, slightly higher grade western restaurant chairs and chairs are no longer using Siamese architecture. The whole structure is divided to messy customers left to increase the workload of regular, the waiter, but the body structure easy to move and again, comfort is also higher, but also the first Western-style food store.
When choosing the architecture material, pay more attention to the design rationality of the architecture and its stability. If it is steel structure, we must pay attention to the thickness of the steel pipe wall.
3.the choice of chairs and table
Western-style food is usually used for dining tables and chairs wooden chairs, wood chair, steel wood chair.CDG furniture is a table and chair manufacturers.
Steel wood chair material durable, changeable shape, simple and generous, has become the first choice of fast food restaurants.


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