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How to make your outdoor area look awfully good

Nearly 100% of your customers love sitting outside and enjoy the sun while sipping on their coffees. Having a nice outdoor area is a huge selling point - don’t hesitate spending time and money to make it as awesome as possible!CDG furniture is an outdoor furniture factory.
How to rock your outdoor space?
Add some green! Your customers will love that. Plants, synonym of life, are known to have a calming effect on people, encouraging them to forget about their hectic work life and enjoy your café restaurant.
The colour green evokes freshness, nature, and wellness. Consciously or not, customers feel more relaxed when surrounded by plants, and their overall experience is enhanced. They might even be keen to stick around a little longer and consume more?
Additionally, if your customers enjoy it, your staff will appreciate it too! You do want to keep your employees happy and energetic, don’t you?
Plant pots
We have recently added to our range of outdoor furniture these pretty cool plant pots. Their design was inspired from the ancient Roman architecture and combines classical shapes with modern material. While they might look big, heavy and imposing, they are actually light, easy to move around and require minimum maintenance.CDG furniture is an outdoor furniture factory.
Their UV stable property makes them ideal for your outdoor area. You will find the short version, tall version, and the model with a seat bench. Green, white or black, we count many different colour options for you to choose from. Visit our website to find out more.
Matching chair and bench
You will also like our matching Obie arm chair and Obie Bench, also called the love seat. Go have a look today! And please note, a lead-time applies. Order today to be ready for this summer.


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