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How To Manager Your Restaurant

There’s mounting pressure on all businesses to improve their sustainability. Whether that’s an office-based entity using less print, a cafe sourcing ingredients locally or an eatery using 100% recycled restaurant furniture, the fact is, sustainability should now be a top priority. Thirty years ago these considerations just weren’t a big issue, whereas now, the way a restauranter, hotelier, café owner etc. operates their business is under real scrutiny. But how exactly can you improve the sustainability of your restaurant? Read on for our hints and tips….
Don’t bit off more than you can chew
When thinking about your sustainability vision, it’s hard knowing where to start. And, you can get lost in the sheer amount of practices you need to change. Create a road map of where you’d like to be in five years’ time and the steps you need to take and when to help you reach your end goal. Do your research and really understand everything you need to do to become a truly sustainable business. There are small steps you can implement immediately such as printing your menus on recycled paper or using pasta straws instead of plastic straws for example. And what’s really important is to know everything about the products you buy/intend on buying. Try and make sure you seize any possible opportunities to make cost savings on what could otherwise be an expensive process.
Train your staff
Your entire workforce needs to be singing from the same hymn sheet and it’s imperative each and every employee is passionate about your cause. It’s no good simply coming from the top, it needs to be born within and this is not always an easy task. As a business owner you will understand the need for changing your processes and practice, but your Saturday staff may not and neither may a chef for example who has been working the same way for the last 20 years! Educate them on how it will work and take them to the places you’re sourcing produce etc. The best way for people to learn is by experiencing it first-hand. And, it's really important to conduct training on the ingredients you use for each of your dishes so they can re-iterate this to your customers.
Grow your own, partner well and source locally
Not every eatery will have the time or space to tick this box, but if you can, why not grow your own produce and what a selling-point to customers. Any food waste can then go back into the garden as compost! If this notion is beyond your means, then make sure you partner with the right suppliers. Are they following sustainable practices. Are they local? It’s important to support one another and buy your produce locally. Once small business helping another small business is priceless. 
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Cook what’s in season
This should be your number one priority – Keep your menu seasonal and so you should be looking at changing this at least four times a year. Then make further changes depending on serving the freshest produce at its peak. You need to be flexible and creative but this only adds further variety for customers and so can really work to your advantage.
Manage waste
How can you reduce your waste? As we all know, landfill is the most expensive type of waste and so it’s important to minimise your input! Plan what you will need for the week, you’ll learn the patterns and quantities associated with your establishment. Recycle wherever you can and return packaging back to your original supplier so it can be used again. And, make sure you’re not using suppliers who provide non-recyclable packing.
It goes beyond food
What does the interior of your restaurant look like? You could feature reclaimed wooden floors , 100% recycled restaurant furniture or energy efficient equipment. Think about water usage and lighting – motion lighting within office spaces is becoming increasingly popular and there’s nothing to say this type of technology cannot be transferred to restaurants and pubs for example. It’s highy transferrable and highly relevant. The list is endless…






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