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Industrial wind office design, personality and fashion

Now more and more people pursue high quality life, pay attention to household decoration, industry has become a popular wind, the wind industrial design office are predominantly black and white and grey color, create a calm, rational sense; The ministry USES bare brick, can form the visual contrast with the other metope of indoor, more colourful; The bare ceiling is also a unique element of industrial wind, making the office more spacious and spacious.CDG furniture is an industrial design furniture factory.
AKQA Tokyo office design, which is called industrial wind AKQA is creative and innovative company in the world, because their office is located in a basement, designers try to create an attractive environment, through the open space, let them have more development and creation. The elements of each area, such as polished concrete floors, natural light of white gravel diffusion, staircases and stained glass, etc., make the space complementary and integrated.CDG furniture is an industrial design furniture suppliers.
All - Living in design of the office in Amsterdam in the Netherlands Handel, Handel Amsterdam office is located in Amsterdam, jersey, das, the building looks like a luxury villa, but there are several companies inside. First of All, All - in Living created the name of Handel (Dutch trade) for the building, and in order to better interpret the office building, the design team held a staff role. All - Living in believe that flexible workplace is the trend of the development of future business, All in order to design a flexible workplaces, the design team brainstorm sort out All kinds of ideas, such as restaurants and spacious hall, can be as work and socialise.
Second, interior design, graphic design, and All the design of public space is All - Living in design team designed, they are also very willing to do so, because it can make the combination of graphics and structure become perfect.




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