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At present, the market popular iron furniture has a variety of styles, metal and solid wood, leather, cloth, glass and plastic materials such as different combinations of magic, showing the ever-changing style.CDG furniture is an iron furniture manufacturer.
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1.Iron + solid wood: natural combination
Iron texture is cold and cool, solid wood is the most natural and original furniture material, the combination of the two to bring people simple and simple feeling. The combination of oak and beech gives a distant sense of tranquility, such as this iron screen back to the reception area is more cool and relaxed.
2.Iron + Leather: fashion portfolio
Steel and cortical combination of iron furniture to bring the Italian fashion, showing a simple sense of mellow space design, leather texture in the very background, the cold and rational performance of the metal performance most vividly.
3.Iron + Fabric: romantic combination
Carbon content of less than 0.25% of the mild steel has good plasticity and weldability. Through the carbon steel and imported PVC mesh clever combination of transmission of modern fashion temperament, a French romantic home atmosphere.
4.Iron + Glass: Cool combination
Iron, because of its color and more black and bronze, is bound to give a heavy sense, and the simple and transparent glass can be formed with a contrast contrast, so that the summer home life at any time there is a cool cell filling around.




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