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    CDG,Outdoor Chairs Factory,With Advanced Production Equipment and Top Technical Team,CDG,Is Your Best iron furniture manufacturer.

  • Metal Dining table

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    Metal parts: the time of the removal of metal bump and scratch the surface to avoid protective layer; not to stand on top of folding furniture, folding in order to avoid deformation of parts used.

  • Rectangle Metal Frame Dining Table

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    Plastic parts: general than light, and acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, better insulation, heat insulation, but the hardness is poor, should prevent the collision and the Antiquities and tip scratch repair melting method can be used if listed, no glue can stick. Ordinary washing detergent can be used, pay attention not to hit a hard object, not the metal brush cleaning.

  • 664-H45-ALU bistro metal chair

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    PVC Rattan: You can use the brush, cloth or vacuum cleaning rattan furniture, steps should be anti-scratch hard objects collide and tip, and can be moisture-proof, anti-aging, pest control, anti-infrared, so no need to bother with maintenance.




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