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Metal Furniture Has Six Advantages


People often say "steel wood furniture", from the professional concept should be interpreted as metal furniture, steel and wood furniture is only a kind of metal furniture, metal furniture range is much wider. With metal pipes, plates or sticks and other materials as the main framework, with wood, all kinds of artificial board, glass, stone and other furniture made and completely made of metal materials iron furniture, collectively referred to as metal furniture.


Metal furniture has 6 advantages:


Elegant personality

The main components of modern metal furniture are made of high-quality thin-walled carbon steel, stainless steel tube or aluminum metal tube of thickness from 1 to 1.2 millimeters. Because the thin wall metal pipe, strong toughness, good ductility, designed to follow the art of artistic designers, give full play to the imagination, processed into a variety of colorful, beautiful arc curve shape and style. An artistic taste again with the metal framework of wood, plywood, cloth, stone, glass and other accessories or ornaments with their clever collocation, and 10000 kinds of style in different poses and with different expressions, refreshing. Many metal furniture is unique in form and Avantgarde in style, showing a strong personality style, which are often difficult to compare and match with wooden furniture.


Rich color choices

Metal furniture surface coating can be said to be colorful, can be all kinds of beautiful color polyurethane powder coating, can also be a gleaming chrome; crystal can be dazzling, elegant vacuum nitriding of titanium or titanium carbide coating, can also be sprayed Ti powder and two color form a contrast to the perfect combination of skills. At present, the internationally popular gold plated gold and black gold plating process, but also to the quality and grade of metal furniture to a very high realm. The metal furniture integrates the use function and the esthetic function in an organic whole, some high-grade high-quality goods have the collection value.


A wide range of varieties

The categories and varieties of metal furniture are very rich. They are suitable for furniture in bedrooms, living rooms and restaurants. These metal furniture can be a good home to create different rooms in different atmosphere, but also more diversified home style and more modern flavor.


Folding function

Many kinds of metal furniture have folding function, not only easy to use, but also save space, so that the limited size of the family living environment is relatively loose and comfortable.


Aesthetic value

The past two years in the domestic big iron furniture blend of Western classical charm in seemingly rough style, simple and elegant and modern, artistic appreciation and aesthetic value, added a unique scenery for today's furniture market.


Goods are inexpensive

The price of metal furniture than solid wood furniture to cheap many, the lucrative but attracted to people in the family decorated light and unique natural and creative and income is not rich, but pay attention to the benefits and beauty of the family, and it is high quality and inexpensive.




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