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Modern coffee tables

The design of the orghese coffee table is inspired by the Paule villa garden in Rome, or rather the stone pine growing here. Just like a tree's canopy grows in time, so you can collect your coffee table. The mixing and collocation of various small tables creates a complex component that suits your needs and provides you with functionality and functionality.

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Zorro is a coffee table that is more complicated and interesting. Initially, it looked like a coffee table with a circular marble tabletop. Take a closer look, and you'll find second desktops below.


Wire Group is a modern coffee table made of black walnut, white oak, marble or granite tabletop. This series offers three different sizes. Due to the combination of materials, the table looks a little bit industrial.



This trendy coffee table is called Bouillotte. The design is designed to accommodate and adapt to the modern interior. The table has a round table with Carrara marble, tapered legs and chic metal edge decoration.


Alburni coffee table emphasizes the uniqueness and uniqueness of wood. Each table in the series has a slightly irregular tabletop, supported by a slender black painted steel base.

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The Dhow coffee table has a contemporary and eye-catching appearance. The design is inspired by the traditional dhow. The design is very charming and allows the table to be a focus of modern or contemporary living room.


Echo is a group of three modern coffee tables with rounded tabletop, one of which is made of transparent glass. They are complementary, with different height and smoothness of the metal framework.

Here's another lovely set of three coffee tables. They are made of solid oak, with three tripods, bases and rounded desktops. They come in three different sizes and can be used as separate wall tables or combinations, depending on the size of the layout and space.





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