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Modern Restaurant Designs: The New Taqueria

When someone asks you to describe a Mexican restaurant, you might think of design elements like sombreros or pinatas or primary colors. However, over the last few years, we’ve seen an evolution in taqueria and Mexican restaurant design with restaurants focusing on non-traditional color schemes. Here are a few of the taquerias leading the way in design.
This modern restaurant design boasts sophistication, texture, and heritage. Designed by Estudio Yeye, the entire concept feels like a nod to history, mixing references of 20th century Mexico, creating this dynamic, moody space. Our favorite element is the folk art used throughout, earthy brown tones provide an understated elegance, while the flora and fauna patterns celebrate Mexican landscapes and heritage. 
Fonda, designed by Techne Architects, exudes playful modernity through color, shapes, and openness. Pops of pink, yellow, aqua, and black adorn furniture and windows to create a warm, happy environment. At first glance, you may not realize you're in a Mexican restaurant, but a closer look reveals Mexican blankets are used as the banquette's upholstery. The very name itself—Fonda—loosely translates to "inn" or open kitchen in English. And like inns, Fonda was designed to make guests feel welcomed.
And finally, we bring you to our hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Enter Donkey Taqueria. Built inside a century-old car garage, it’s been refurbished to provide a simple and clean take on Mexican cuisine. Classic geometric tiles and just a few yellow seating options flirt with more traditional Mexican designs, but the combination of the industrial accents make the space feel contemporary and new.  
There a countless taquerias and Mexican restaurants redefining the status quo of their  brick-and-mortar spaces.  Learn more about how restaurant design, like modern taquerias, drive sale in our latest ebook.
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